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About Us


Around the world, awards such as the “Rolex Awards” and “Champions of the Earth” are presented to individuals who have made significant, international contributions in environmental and sustainable development issues. Likewise, there are awards such as the "National Environmental Excellence Award" in the United States that solely recognize successful individuals on a national scale. These programmes however, do not cater to the majority of the population, and there is a great need for programmes that introduce and expose the unconverted individuals to the relationship between sustainable living and the environment. Inevitably, individuals who are familiar with key environmental issues such as sustainable consumerism will likely serve as “environmental ambassadors” to their community.

As such, we believe that the establishment of the ECO Leaders Programme will not only expose individuals to important environmental issues, but also motivate them to move from awareness into action. The programme aims to also develop management skills and environmental knowledge by addressing three primary key environment issues: Energy, Water and Waste.

Furthermore, participants of the programme are encouraged to take on the role as a global citizen and impact their community in a positive and sustainable way.


The ECO Leaders Programme is an initiative championed through ECO Singapore, through the strong support by the Rotary Club of Suntec City (Singapore) and the National University of Singapore Mechanical Engineering Department.

Its key focus is to encourage young people to turn environmental awareness, into action by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. A tool to not only reward for acts of green, but also aims to empower and engage its participants to realise their direct positive impact to the environment.

This programme is done with a combination of physical engagement and online points accumulation. Points credited will eventually be used for remuneration of goods and services for the account holder, as well as accumulation for the award.


The main objectives of the programme are as follows:

Develop a greater degree of awareness and understanding of environmental issues in relations to their consumption habits.

Motivate individuals in adopting environmental actions in their daily lifestyle.

Support / Complement existing environmental efforts.

Target Audience

The programme’s primarily targets at youth aged 14 to 25 years old.

However, the programme aims to continue to keep track of the young working adult as well up to age 35.